9th-Grade Yearbook Photos

Greetings CHS Class of 2024! Yearbook Needs YOUR PHOTOS!!

Let’s get right to it! If you don’t send us a photo, you will not appear in the Yearbook! Because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we did not have our annual photo shoots at the beginning of this school year, so we’re depending on you to send us your photo instead.

  • So, get someone to take your photo ASAP! – preferably portrait-style:
  • Then go to www.HJeShare.com, where you will need to enter the access code: Churchill7135.
  • Next, you will be asked to provide basic contact info. Then, you will have the choice to “Upload General Photos” or “Upload a Student Portrait”
  • The “Student Portrait” option is ONLY for “class photos,” and you will be prompted to provide student info (name and grade)

Of course, we would love to have other photos of student life during COVID (candid photos), but our top priority is to get “Class” photos! For candid photos, see our message on the CHS website!

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