9th Grade: Casey Tiemann | 541-790-5136 |
10th–12th Grade A–G:
Nita Halstead | 541-790-5113 |
10th–12th Grade H–Q: Katy McAuliffe | 541-790-5118 |
10th–12th Grade R–Z: Court Wirth | 541-790-5116 |

Virtual School Counseling Informed Consent 2020

Counselors are not available from mid-June until late-August.

Course Requests 2020–2021

Course Request Advisory dates were February 19, 21, and 28. Churchill uses the information gathered from students requesting classes to build our master schedule for the next year. Your school counselor or case manager can assist you if you need extra help or were unable to attend all Course Request Advisory dates.

Churchill Course Catalog 2020-2021 (2/10/2020) — lists all courses available to students for the upcoming school year with full course descriptions as well as information about our Career Technical Education (CTE) pathways and IHS at Churchill.

Students are urged to choose their course requests carefully and thoughtfully and to seek assistance as needed from counselors, advisory teachers, and parents/guardians. Once the student requests are finalized, few changes will be permitted. Students should NOT complete course requests with the idea the request can be changed.

Schedules 2020–2021

We are currently working on creating the schedule for the 2020-21 school year. We expect to have schedules available for students via StudentVue at the end of August. If you need to make changes to your course requests please email

New Students

Welcome to Churchill High School. We are so excited to have you join us. We’re sorry we are unable to meet in person to complete the course request process. Please see below for instructions. Once counselors return in late August they will be in touch with you to finalize your schedule.

Instructions for Making Course Requests

  1. Print the “course list” and “course request form” for your grade level from the website.
  2. Email a scanned copy or picture of the course request form to
  3. Be sure to put “Course Request, Student name” in the subject line.

New Courses for 2020-21

Introduction to Piano

This course is a low-pressure environment for students that want to learn the fundamentals of playing the piano. Students will learn the basics of how to read music, play chords/scales, and learn a wide variety of songs on the piano.

Introduction to Music Theory

This course is an introduction to the basics of music theory. Music theory is how musicians communicate and understand elements about the music they are hearing and performing. This course is designed to provide the basics of music theory and broaden students’ understanding of how music works.

2020–’21 12th Grade

2020-21 Course List, 12th Grade
2020-21 Course Request Form, 12th Grade CHS

2020–’21 11th Grade

2020-21 Course List, 11th Grade
2020-21 Course Request Form, 11th Grade CHS

2020–’21 10th Grade

2020-21 Course List, 10th Grade
2020-21 Course Request Form, 10th Grade CHS

2020–’21 9th Grade

2020-21 Course List, 9th Grade
2020-21 Course Request Form, 9th Grade CHS


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