Schedule Corrections

Schedules are available to view on StudentVUE and ParentVUE.

Schedule corrections for 2020-’21 Term 2 are closed. Students cannot add new classes for this term.

To drop a class, contact your counselor.

Schedule correction requests will be evaluated by their impact on the following:

  • Progress toward graduation
  • Level of disruption to the student’s schedule
  • Space availability
  • General need

Schedule changes will only be made for the following reasons:

  • Academic misplacement – as determined and initiated by the teacher/counselor.
  • Missing a grade-appropriate graduation requirement.
  • Failure of a class (must retake) or missing a prerequisite class.
  • A technical/clerical error (ex: class is on the schedule twice)

The following classes are not available through comprehensive distance learning: Teacher Aide, Library Aide, and Office Aide, Coffee Cart.

Moving classes around from period to period is very difficult. If you have an open period and need to fill it you need to choose a class that is offered in the same period you have open.

If requesting to drop a class please know that there is no guarantee that a class will be offered later in the school year. Counselors may not allow a drop of a class that will impact a student’s plans for graduation.

Requests are not guaranteed. Some classes may fill before we are able to address your request. You must continue to “attend” your scheduled classes until a change is made in synergy. Please check StudentVue daily for changes. A counselor will notify you via your 4j email as soon as possible if the change is not approved.

Schedule Correction Request Forms

Please note this form can only be completed by using your 4J Google account. You must be signed in to complete the form.

Schedule corrections for 2020-’21 Term 2 are closed. Students cannot add new classes.

To drop a class, contact your counselor.

New Students

Welcome to Churchill High School. We are so excited to have you join us. We’re sorry we are unable to meet in person to complete the course request process. Please contact your counselor to build your class schedule.

Find your counselor here.

Course Catalog 2020–2021

Churchill Course Catalog 2020-2021

New Courses for 2020-21

Introduction to Piano

This course is a low-pressure environment for students that want to learn the fundamentals of playing the piano. Students will learn the basics of how to read music, play chords/scales, and learn a wide variety of songs on the piano.

Introduction to Music Theory

This course is an introduction to the basics of music theory. Music theory is how musicians communicate and understand elements about the music they are hearing and performing. This course is designed to provide the basics of music theory and broaden students’ understanding of how music works.


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