School-Sponsored Clubs

Churchill High School is active with many diverse clubs! Get involved, make friends, and have fun—investigate a club that appeals to you.

Would you like to start a new club? Review the Club Guidelines and fill out the Club Request Form.


Club Meeting Day Time Location Adviser(s)
Anime Wednesday After school H23 Suzuki, Miiko
Art Thursday Lunch B1 Albone, Holly
Asian Student Union (ASU) Thursday Lunch H23 Suzuki, Miiko
Auditorium/Theater Tech Tuesday After school Auditorium Patton, Alex
Black Student Union Tuesday Lunch J9 Summerfield, Kevin
Bookworm Friday (once per month) Lunch G29 Levy, Debbie
Climate Action Club Monday After School K8 Crews, Erin
Family of United Souls for Peace and Love (FUSPL) Wednesday Lunch J9 Dunbar, Leah
Film Club Tuesday Lunch J9 Iacovetta, Lisa
Gender and Sexuality Alliance Monday Lunch F49 Tiemann, Casey
Hack Club Friday After School STEM 118 Wilder, Marty
Latino Student Union Wednesday 8:45 a.m. G29 Summerfield, Kevin
Medical (Club MD) TBA TBA B4 Ricker, Keri
Music Wednesday Lunch
After School
Groberg, Greg
National Honor Society varies varies varies Bessko, Tibor
Native American Student Union Tuesday, twice per month Lunch J9 Summerfield, Kevin
Pacific Islander Student Union every other Friday Lunch C8 Galago, Tiny
Peace Club Friday Lunch J9 Rund, Nicole
Robotics Friday After School STEM Lab Chisholm, Kristin
Thespian Thursday, every other week Lunch H8 Patton, Alex
Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Thursday Lunch STEM Hepp-Elam, Mary Beth
Women of Color Friday Lunch G10 Scurlock, Jennifer
Women’s Empowerment and Crafting Club Friday Lunch J15 Given, Lynne
Young Republicans Wednesday Lunch J14 Heidel, Joanne; Henkhe, Jennifer

Community-Sponsored Clubs

The Eugene School District 4J encourages students to be involved in extracurricular and co-curricular activities. In addition to school-sponsored activities (school clubs), Community-Sponsored activities allow students to broaden their educational experience in the areas of physical fitness, social development, and skill enhancement.

Non-school-sponsored activities are independent of and receive no funding, services, or supervision from the Eugene School District/4J. Community Sponsored activities must submit this application and release annually to the building principal at the school in which they wish to be recognized.

School- and Community-Sponsored Activities Guidelines

Learn more about club sports on our Athletics page.

Club Meeting Day Time Location Adviser(s)
Equestrian Team Once per month Lunch F39 McAuliffe, Katy
Interact (Rotary) Wednesday Lunch F36 Sather, John; Ogden, Ian
Key (Kiwanis) Wednesday Lunch F55 Rund, Nicole