School-Sponsored Clubs

Churchill High School is active with many diverse clubs. Get involved, make friends, and have fun. Investigate a club that appeals to you.

Learn more about sports on our C-Hill Athletics page.

Would you like to start a new club? Review the Club Guidelines and fill out the Club Request Form.

Club Meetings Adviser(s)
9th-Grade Homework Club Not meeting at this time Gene Chism
Anime Club Tuesdays after school in F55 Miiko Suzuki
Art Club Tuesdays at lunch in B1 Holly Albone
Asian Student Union
IG: @chsasu
Thursdays at lunch in F55
Black Student Union
Tuesdays at lunch in the Auditorium
Climate Action Club
IG: @chs.climate.action
Wednesdays at lunch in STEM100 Helen Haberman
Louisa Dorsch
Dungeons and Dragons Club Mondays after school in K4 Joe Emery
Feminist Student Union Fridays at lunch in the Auditorium
Gender and Sexuality Alliance
Mondays at lunch in the Auditorium
Japan Bowl Tuesdays at lunch in F55 Miiko Suzuki
Jewish Student Union
Wednesdays at Lunch in F49 (Cooking Room)
Kool 2 B Kind Mondays at lunch in J25 Lisa Iacovetta
Latino Student Union
Wednesdays at lunch in the Auditorium
Medical Club
(Club Med)
Mondays at lunch in B4 Keri Pilgrim Ricker
National Honor Society
Contact adviser Sheree Houck
Native American Student Union
NASU Invitation Video
Wednesdays at lunch in D26 (cafeteria)
Pacific Islander Student Union Not meeting at this time
Theatre Tech Tuesdays at 4:00 p.m. in the Auditorium Alex Patton
Thursdays at lunch in H8 Alex Patton
Tinker Club Wednesdays after school in the STEM105 + 3rd Wednesday at lunch Chris Doscher
Women in Science and Engineering
Facebook Group
Thursdays after school in the STEM Workshop Mary Beth Hepp-Elam
Youth Action Council
YAC Invitation 2020
Tuesdays at lunch in F39 Claire Bierman

Community-Sponsored Clubs

The Eugene School District 4J encourages students to be involved in extracurricular and co-curricular activities. In addition to school-sponsored activities (school clubs), Community-Sponsored activities allow students to broaden their educational experience in the areas of physical fitness, social development, and skill enhancement.

Learn more about community-sponsored clubs here.


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