Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Youth Action Council

The Youth Action Council will have its first meeting at lunch in F39.

Student Store

T-shirts are $2 and long sleeves are $5 and will be in the student lounge tomorrow.

Halloween Costume Rules

Students are encouraged to express themselves by wearing Halloween costumes. Costumes must follow the 4J district and CHS dress codes as outlined in the Student Handbook. Costumes must not distract from learning. No masks may be worn. No weapons of any kind may be brought to school, including any fake, toy, or prop weapons. Finally, be creative and have fun!

Halloween Costume Contest

Tomorrow at lunch there will be a Halloween costume contest in the courtyard.  Prizes will be awarded for the funniest, scariest, most creative, and cutest costumes. Costume guidelines include: no masks or weapons, may not be culturally or ethnically insensitive, and may not violate Churchill’s dress code.  Not dressing up? Come to the courtyard anyway for music and candy.

Eugene Police Cadet Post

If you are interested in law enforcement or the criminal justice system, the Eugene Police Cadet Post is now accepting applications and is a great program to gain experience in the field. It can also be used as your LEAP. For more information, see the TV screens in the College and Career Center or student lounge.


Today: Cross Country Districts at Springfield High School: Release at 11 am

Friday: Varsity Football at Crater: Release at 11:45 am

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