Wednesday, April 26, 2023


Today: Fun & Games Club meets at lunch in H3; Climate Action Club meets at lunch in STEM 100; LSU meets in J11 during lunch; Theatre Tech meets at 3:45 in the auditorium; Churchill Choral Collective meets at 3:35 in D13; Tinker Club meets after school in Stem 105.

Tomorrow: Film and Cinema Club meets at lunch in STEM 100; Interact Club meets at lunch in F39; Thespian Club meets at lunch in H8; APISU meets at lunch in F55; Jewish Cultural Union meets at lunch in F53.

Friday: FSU meets at lunch in the Auditorium; Mind Body Divergence Alliance meets in F39 during lunch.

Cross-Cultural Club

Did you grow up overseas? Is your family from a different country or culture? Are you bi-cultural? Are you interested in learning about other cultures? If any of these apply to you, join Cross-Cultural Club, Mondays at lunch in J14. Our first meeting is next Monday, May 1st. Hope to see you there!

Student of the Month

Congratulations to our nominees for Student of the Month. The Health and P.E. departments nominated 8 students each who have shown academic excellence throughout their high school career. Congratulations to the following: Emma Russell, Finn Emanuel, Ross DeKalb, Haley Bowles, Lindsay Petrovich, Rhys Van Ryzin, Brendan Reardon, Elizabeth Howarth, Pete Pennington, William Gortler-Borland, Danyel Rodriguez, Carly Wilkinson, Emory Irvine, Ali D’Arcy, Nora Humphrey and Nick Miller.

SEAL Program

Sophomores and Juniors – Are you interested in working as a summer intern and earning credit at the same time? Become an intern for the SEAL Program! As a TA/tutor in an elementary or middle school learning program for 4-1/2 weeks, you will earn up to 1.0 OS credit and you will receive a 1Pass, good for admission into Eugene swimming pools and rec centers for the whole summer. This can also serve as a way to complete your LEAP—a graduation requirement. See your counselor for information and access to the application.


Attention students!  Starting next week, Monday, May 1st, we will have some grab-and-go snacks in the cafeteria during the 15-minute break after 2nd period.  Please stop by the cafeteria, see what great snacks we have, enter your student ID number, and grab some food to help you get through third period until lunchtime.  Each classroom also has granola packets if you are hungry during other class periods as well. See you in the cafeteria next week during the 15-minute break for some snacks!

Unified Basketball

The final practice is tomorrow from 12:50 to 1:10. The game is this Friday against Sheldon from 6:30 to 8:00 at Churchill. This is senior recognition night and guests from the University of Oregon will be coming!


Today: Softball vs. Crater at Churchill at 2:00 and 4:00, excused at 11:30; Track and Field vs. North Eugene at Churchill at 3:30, excused at 2:00; Boys Tennis vs. North Eugene at North Eugene High School at 4:00; excused at 2:15.

Tomorrow: Girls Tennis vs. Springfield at Springfield High School at 4:00; excused at 2:00; Girls Lacrosse vs. Corvallis at Crescent Valley High School at 7:00.

Friday: Boys Tennis vs. Springfield at Springfield High School at 4:00, excused at 2:00; Girls Varsity Lacrosse vs. Roseburg at Roseburg High School at 7:00; Unified Basketball vs. Sheldon at Churchill at 6:30.

Saturday: Softball vs. Thurston at Thurston at 1:00; Varsity Baseball vs. Thurston at Thurston at 1:00; Track and Field J.C. Invitational in Junction City at 10:00; JV Baseball vs. Thurston at Churchill at 1:00.

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