Student of the Month, February 2023

Congratulations to our February Students of the Month!

For the month of February, two of our departments teamed up to nominate some outstanding students.

Left to right: Kara Pierson (freshman), Maya Jolls (freshman), Kulia Kaufman (senior), Garrett Thessen (junior), Sawyer Kavaney (sophomore)

Not pictured: Jasper Noell (sophomore), James Biehle (sophomore), Haylee Alexander (senior)

Left to right: Hailey Millican-Brassfield (freshman), Ash Brubaker (freshman), Angel Ochoa (sophomore), Macy Eckley (sophomore)

Not pictured: Ian Dutra (junior), Kellen Sells (junior), Dylan Weideman (senior), Kai Williams (12th senior)

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