State Testing Makeup Day, June 9

May 2021

state testing for students in grade 11

Makeup Day

When: Wednesday, June 9. Testing will be offered from 1 p.m.–4 p.m.

Where: Students who participate in state testing will complete the tests on-site at school. School meals and school bus transportation will be provided if families identified those needs during the survey.

What: Tests this year will be given in just one or two subjects for each grade level. For more information about the test subjects for grade 11, visit

How to get ready:

We would like to make a couple of recommendations to help make the testing day go smoothly for you.

  1. On your school computer, students should log off the “student” user and log in to the “Oaks Testing” user.
  2. The “Oaks Testing” user has one App on the dock — the App for state testing. Click on the App to open it. 
  3. We strongly recommend you do a practice test well in advance so we have time to fix computer issues.

Students should report these issues to tech support by clicking the red “Submit a Ticket” button in the top right corner of this website:

We look forward to supporting you and happy testing!

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