State Testing at CHS

Public schools conduct state testing each spring for students in grade 11.

When: For high schools, testing will be offered 1:00–4:00 p.m.

  • Cohort A: Wednesday, May 19
  • Cohort B: Wednesday, May 26
  • Same School Online students may test on either day.

A makeup day will be offered for students who missed the testing day or want more time: Wednesday, June 9 at Churchill. This also will be the testing day for Eugene Online Academy students who participate in state testing.

Where: Students who participate in state testing will complete the tests on-site at Churchill. School meals and school bus transportation will be provided.

What: Tests this year will be given in just one or two subjects for each grade level. For more information about the test subjects for grade 11, visit

Currently, some families are identified as “Yes by Default”, meaning that your family has potentially not been able to complete the state testing survey. Please speak with your family and determine if you want your child to complete the tests or to opt out. 11th-graders do not need to take state tests to earn their diploma and reading/writing/math “Essential Skills” graduation requirements are waived for 2020, 2021, 2022.

Please have a parent or guardian contact your counselor to identify whether you are taking the state assessments or opting out.

Your counselors are:

Nita Halstead (A-Gi)
Katy McAuliffe (Gj-O)
Court Wirth (P-Z)

To schedule an appointment with your counselor on Zoom or in person, visit the Counseling page and look for the appointments link for your counselor.

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