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Student Support

Classroom Granola Fillup

  1. Visit Coffee Cart during period 1 or 2 where students can fill up your bin with granola.
  2. Complete the 2-question Granola Order Form and your order will be filled within 24 hours. A Coffee Cart student will come to you and will fill your bin.

Behavior Referral

Tardy Referral Form (2023)

Teacher Tardy Letter

Child Abuse Reporting Form (PDF) updated 11/29/2023

Suicide Prevention

Wraparound Quick Reference for Staff


Staff Information

Churchill Staff Emergency Contact Questionnaire (must be logged in to 4J Google)

CHS Staff Google Shared Drive (must be logged in to 4J Google)

Churchill Staff Handbook (must be logged in to 4J Google)

Field Trips


Staff Tools

Staff Email

Synergy Login

Frontline Absence Management


Google Portal


Print Order Form: Central Print and Reprographic Services
(Use for print jobs over 500 copies or with special binding, paper, or other services not available in our building.)

Facility Use Request

Meeting Room Booking System (MRBS) for Room Reservations


4J Resources and Links

Child Abuse Reporting Form

4J Staff Links

Finance Forms (includes expense reimbursement and travel approval forms)

HR Forms (includes Leave of Absence Request forms)

4J On-the-Job Injury Resources (ANY work injury must be reported)

Payroll Forms (includes timesheets)


Technology and Phones


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