Senior T-Shirt Survey

Dear Churchill Seniors and Families,

There are two surveys linked below. The first is from Churchill. The second comes from parents who are working hard at reimagining the graduation party with consideration for the limitations of the coronavirus pandemic. Although Churchill appreciates and condones the service that these parents provide to our families, they are independent of Churchill and the 4J school district. Please complete both surveys to provide feedback to CHS and the graduation party planners.


Senior Shirts

We hope that you are enjoying the small gifts that we have sent so far this year. We plan to finish out our gift-giving with one more gift and — not to ruin the surprise, but — we need to know your t-shirt size.

Please use this form to submit your t-shirt size.

This form will close after February 28.


Enough shirts will be ordered for all of Churchill’s graduating students, regardless of your response to this survey. We hope that you will complete the survey so that we will have a good estimate of how many shirts to order in each size. If you include your name on the form, we will reserve a shirt for you in the size you requested.

The senior t-shirts are part of a series of gifts from Churchill High School to our seniors. We are proud of you, and you deserve anything that we can do to help make your senior year special. If you have not received your Senior 2021 sticker and face mask, please ask for them when you come to pick up your shirt.


With pride,
Churchill High School


Graduation Party*

*The Graduation Party is a community-sponsored event independent of and receiving no funding, services, or supervision from the Eugene School District 4J. Liability is the responsibility of the organizers of the event.

Plans are in the works to find a way to safely celebrate your graduation and provide a memorable send-off. The parent planning committee wants to hear from you. Please complete the senior class survey to provide feedback about the ideas that interest you and help the parents better understand what would best fit the class of 2021.

Please keep in my mind that the information in the survey is ideas and does not reflect final decisions or actual events scheduled to take place. The planning committee is in the beginning stages. Getting your input early will help focus on the things that your class collectively prefers and steer away from the things you don’t. Suggestions and recommendations submitted by students are anonymous and will be taken into consideration. Final plans will depend on feasibility, financial resources, and state and local public health guidelines since the COVID-19 pandemic continues in our community.

The survey can be completed until Sunday using the following link: 

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