Pest Management

Dear Churchill Students and Families,


Due to an ongoing roof rat problem at CHS, 4J Facilities will be placing an approved low-impact rodenticide in enclosed bait stations, in limited areas of the CHS campus. Facilities and CHS Custodial staff have been cooperating to address this persistent low-level issue for some time now. Historically, the areas of intrusion have had limited effect on staff and students, and therefore we have relied on extensive integrated nonchemical means to manage the problem within tolerable limits. Recent increases in activity, intrusion into new areas of the school, and recent ineffectiveness of traps necessitate this escalation of treatment. Bait stations will be placed in areas inaccessible to students and with limited staff access.

The perimeters of main buildings have been completely assessed to identify and eliminate any entry or exit of rats. This was a critical prerequisite to prevent future intrusion, as well as keeping affected rats from leaving the building and posing a threat to community pets or wildlife.

The anticipated date of application is set for Monday, April 26th, 2021. Please see the attached document for more detailed information.

If you have any questions please contact Jesse Sell, 4J Safety Specialist, at

CHS Pesticide Notification 4-26-21



CHS Administration

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