Period 12? Period 18? Here’s what it means

Churchill families,

Recently Churchill had to make a small adjustment to our periods in Synergy. Please note the following possible new periods on your student’s schedule:

Period 11 – This period is essentially 0 period for every other day.  If your student attends zero period every day then they will have both 0 and 11 on their schedule. If the class is only every other day the student will only have period 0 or period 11. Some zero period classes are every other day, like Jazz Ensemble. Some are every day, like conditioning.

Period 12 – This is for our new advisory class which will occur at least 4 times a trimester, typically on a Friday.  Advisory is a class where students will learn about different topics that impact all students. Every student has been assigned an advisory class. The first advisory class is tomorrow, September 14.

Period 18 – This period is specifically for College and Career Readiness day on October 10. It will be how attendance is taken on that day when students will be doing required activities that are not our regular classes.

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