Monday, September 17, 2018


GSA meets today at lunch in F49,  BSU meets tomorrow at lunch in J9;  Theater Tech meets tomorrow at 3:45 in the auditorium; Native Student Union meets for an informational meeting for all native students tomorrow at lunch in B1;  Anime Club meets Wednesday from 3:30-4:30 in F55; Thespian Club meets Thursday in H8; LSU meets Friday after school in J9; Peace Club meets at lunch on Friday; Women’s Empowerment & Crafting meets Friday at lunch in J15


Do you have a free 1st or 5th period and need community service?  Are you interested or willing to work with students to improve their academic achievement?  If so, please see Ian Ogden in F36 before school and/or during 1st period for more details.

Dickie Jo’s Fundraiser

Carson Lydon is hosting a Dickie Jo’s Fundraiser Wednesday and Thursday in support of the Out Of Darkness Walk for Suicide Prevention. His team name is “A World Free of Suicide”. Contact Carson with questions or to get a flyer.


Today: Boys JV Soccer at North Eugene at 4 pm: Release at 2 pm;  Boys V Soccer at North Eugene at 6 pm: No Early Release; Girls JV Soccer vs. North Eugene at 4:30 pm No Early Release;  Girls Varsity Soccer vs. North Eugene at 6:30 pm No Early Release

Tuesday:  Boys JV2 Soccer at Marist High School at 4:30 pm: Release at 2:30 pm;  Girls JV2 Soccer vs. Marist High School at 4:30 pm on Grass Field: No Early Release

Wednesday: Boys JV2 Soccer vs. South Eugene at 4 pm at ATA: Release at 2:30 pm;  Girls JV2 Soccer vs. Sheldon at 4:30 pm on grass field: No Early Release

Thursday: Boys JV and Girls JV Soccer at Stayton: Release at 1 pm: (Girls 4 pm/Boys 5:45 pm);  V Football at Thurston at 5 pm: Release at 2:45 pm; Volleyball at Springfield High School: 5:30/6:45 pm  

Friday: Varsity Football vs. Ashland at 7 pm: No Early Release;  Cross Country at Meriwhether: Noon Depart

Saturday: Volleyball at Ashland at Noon/1:45 pm Eagle Point at 5/6:45 pm  Bus transport departing at 6:30 am; Boys and Girls Varsity Soccer at Crater: Girls at 1 pm/Boys at 3 pm.

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