Monday, November 8, 2021

Dungeons and Dragons Club

Today is the first meeting of the Dungeons and Dragons club. Do you like to have fun? Would you like to know more about D&D? Please join us after school today in room K4.


Today: Climate Action Club meets at lunch in K8; Interact Club meets at lunch in F39; D&D Club meets after school in K4

Tuesday: BSU meets at lunch in the auditorium; WISE meets at lunch in the STEM Conference Room; Theatre Tech meets at 4 in the auditorium; Anime Club meets after school in F55;  Japan Bowl meets at lunch in F55

Wednesday: LSU meets at lunch in G29; NASU meets at lunch in D26 in the cafeteria; Investment Club meets at lunch in J19; Tinker Club meets after school in the STEM Conference Room

Thursday: Thespian Club meets at lunch in H8; Gender & Sexuality Alliance meets at lunch in the auditorium; ASU meets at lunch in F55

Friday: FSU meets at lunch in the auditorium

Athletic Registration

Our winter athletic registration is completed online through the CHS athletics webpage. Registrations are due  Wednesday and athletic practices begin next Monday. Remember – to be eligible you must be passing 2.0 credits both the term OF the sport and the term BEFORE the sport, as well as be ON-TRACK for graduation.

Fall Food Drive

The holiday season is approaching! Please join us in helping feed families this holiday season by donating food, cash, or gift cards to the Fall Food Drive. The top three classes with the most donations will earn a class prize! Please bring all donations to your 3rd-period teacher.  Let’s make this season of giving great!

School Safety

To keep our school safe, do not open locked doors to let someone into the school. All visitors and students must enter through the front office except before school and at lunch when the three main entrances are open and supervised for students to enter. Sending students and visitors through the front office helps us to know who is on campus and make sure that they belong on campus. In an emergency evacuation, like for a fire, knowing who is on campus could help emergency responders save a life.

Water Bottles

Students – We do not provide plastic water bottles, but we have automated water bottle fillers on campus. Please be sure to bring a refillable container with you to school each day.

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