Monday, November 27. 2023


Today: GSA meets at lunch in K8;  OBOB (Oregon Battle of the Books) at lunch in the library;  Fiber Arts Club meets at lunch in J13. 

Tomorrow: BSU meets Tuesday during lunch in K8; Seeking Jesus Club meets at lunch in G10; NASU meets at lunch in H22

Wednesday: LSU meets at lunch in F46; Art Club meets at lunch in B1; Jewish Cultural Union meets in J11 during lunch; Climate Action Club meets at lunch in STEM 100; Theatre Tech meets at 3:45 in the auditorium

Thursday: Thespian Club meets at lunch in H8; The Divergence and Disability Alliance meets at lunch in F37; APISU meets at lunch in F55; Art Club meets at lunch in B1

Friday: FSU meets in the auditorium at lunch; WISE meets at lunch in the STEM conference room.

Native American Heritage Month

What do you get when you combine a road trip, talented actors, and a touching tale of self discovery that is wise but also funny?  The movie “Smoke Signals”! Based on the short stories of Sherman Alexie, this wonderful film is brought to you by NASU and will be showing in H22 this week in honor of Native American Heritage Month and a week of celebrating Native Excellence.  Come join us for some popcorn and laughs!

Also happening this week: on Thursday, at lunch near the planters, please come check out information on the nine federally recognized tribes of Oregon!  Identify some key facts about Native communities in Oregon and get a prize!  And on Friday, join NASU and FSU members in a collaborative lunchtime gathering in H22 to recognize shared causes.

CHS Broadway Revue Auditions

Auditions for the CHS Broadway Revue will be on Tuesday, December 28 at 4:00 pm in the choir room. You must audition with the musical theatre piece you would like to perform for the Revue. The piece can be solo, duet, or group and must be under 5 min long. Back-up tracks or piano accompaniment is required. Please see Mr. Patton in H8 for more details. The performance is December 12 at 7:00 PM with a tech rehearsal on December 11 after school.

P/NP Classes

If you are interested in taking a class as P/NP, you must complete a Google form with your teacher or counselor no later than 4:00 pm on December 1. Please check in with your counselor about the consequence of a P/NP on your transcript before making a final decision as all P/NP contracts are final and you cannot request a letter grade once the form is submitted.

Blood Drive

Do you want to save lives? If so, come sign up for the upcoming Blood Drive hosted by the Health Services Pathway on Friday, December 1st! You can sign up and get more info at the planters during lunch and breaks, today through Wednesday the 29th. If you’re 16 and over you only need your ID to donate, and if you are 15 and under you will need to get a permission slip from the signup table. All CHS students and staff are encouraged to join us in giving back to our community if able to.


Extended Day Program

Juniors and Seniors: Extended Day has started and the deadline for enrolling is approaching fast.  If you feel you’re behind schedule in the number of credits needed for graduation, consider joining the Extended Day Program where you can earn up to .75 credits per class, per quarter.  Classes offered include Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and Science. Dinner and transportation home from your neighborhood school are both included.

This Friday, December 1st, is the deadline to enroll.  See your school counselor to get started!

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