Monday, February 27, 2023


Tomorrow: Art Club meets at lunch in B1; BSU meets at lunch in K8; GSA meets during lunch in F49; NHS meets in the Auditorium during lunch; WISE meets at lunch in the STEM building conference room; Youth Action Council meets at lunch in F39; Anime Club meets after school in F55.

Wednesday: Climate Action Club meets at lunch in STEM 100; Fun & Games Club meets at lunch in H12; LSU meets at lunch in J11; NASU meets during lunch in F39; Churchill Choral Collective meets at 3:35 in D13; Theatre Tech meets at 3:45 in the auditorium; Tinker Club meets after school in Stem 105.

Thursday: APISU meets at lunch in F55; Interact Club meets at lunch in F39; Jewish Cultural Union meets at lunch in F53; Thespian Club meets at lunch in H8.

Friday: FSU meets at lunch in the Auditorium; Mind Body Divergence Alliance meets in F39 during lunch.

Black History Month

In 1872, on this day, Charlotte Ray graduated from Howard Law School. She was the first African American lawyer in the U.S.

On this day in 1833, Maria W. Steward delivered one of the four speeches which confirmed her place in history as the first American-born woman to give public lectures. Steward’s lectures focused on encouraging African-Americans to attain education, political rights, and public recognition for their achievements. Her speech on this day delivered at the African Masonic Hall in Boston, Massachusetts, was titled “On African Rights and Liberty.” Sixty-seven years later in Boston on this same day, African-American teacher and poet Angelina Weld Grimke was born. Grimke was a descendant of the famous white abolitionist and feminist sisters Angelina and Sarah Grimke.

Black Excellence Icon Treasure Hunt

This is a reminder that you have until this Friday, March 3rd at 3 pm to complete and turn in your completed Black Excellence treasure hunt cards. Keep a look out for Black Excellence signs on doors, windows, and in class areas to find clues to your icons. All cards can be turned in to Gene Chism in F43 OR the registrar in the front office. If you need a new playing card, come by the registrar’s office for your chance to play.

Spring Practices

Today is the first day of Spring practices. All student-athletes meet with teams after school.

  • Track – Meet in “Mirror Room” in Gym at 3:45
  • Softball – Softball Field
  • Baseball – Baseball Hitting Facility
  • Girls’ Tennis – Gym
  • Boys’ Tennis – Gym at 5:45 pm

OSAC Scholarship Application

Seniors- the deadline for the OSAC scholarship application is Wednesday, March 1st at 5:00 pm.

Trimester 3 Schedules

Attention students, please check your Tri 3 schedule. If your schedule has errors, please use the Schedule Correction Form to request a change. The Correction Form is open on the Churchill website, and the QR code is posted by the counseling offices and in the halls. The Master Schedule of classes is posted near the counseling offices if you need to find out when a course is offered.

Enter the requested change only once, then keep checking your Student/Vue and 4J email to see if the change has been made, or if your counselor has a question. Again, a change may only be requested for an error, such as a missing or incorrect course. Changes will not be made simply for a student to be with friends or to change teachers in the same subject area.

Senior Graduation Credits

Important information for Seniors! Be sure to check your Tri 3 schedules carefully to make certain you have the courses and credits you need for graduation. Be sure you are on track to complete your LEAP packet and have scheduled your LEAP interview with Mary Beth or your counselor. All packets and interviews are due April 10, which is about five weeks from now. These are state graduation requirements!

Additionally, if you are planning to attend college or trade school, make sure you are taking the courses required for admission.


All students who are participating in school sports are required by OSAA to be enrolled and passing 2.0 credits for both the trimester before your sport AND the trimester during your sport. This affects athletes for all spring sports– AND next year’s fall sports, including football, volleyball, and soccer. If you are not scheduled for 2.0 credits during both of those trimesters, use the Schedule Correction form to add enough classes for you to meet this participation requirement.


Today: JV and Varsity Girls Basketball vs. Ashland at Churchill at 5:00 and 6:30, Senior Night, the theme is whiteout; Freshman, JV and Varsity Boys Basketball vs. Ashland at Ashland High School at 4:00, 5:30, and 7:00, released at 11:15.

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