Important Changes to LTD No-Cost Student Fare

Update: Due to school closures, the cutoff date for using your student ID card to ride the bus will be extended.

Changes are coming very soon to LTD’s no-cost student fare program. After March 31, students will no longer be allowed to board LTD buses using their student ID card. As you may already know, LTD began the no-cost student fare program at the beginning of this school year. Starting on April 1, students will be required to use a TouchPass card or the TouchPass Transit app on their phone to board the bus. Student fare will continue to be free.

  • March 31 is the last day to ride LTD using your student ID card.
  • April 1 and after students must use a TouchPass card or the TouchPass Transit app to board the bus.
  • Students must visit the school office to receive an activated TouchPass card, or to activate the student fare in the TouchPass Transit app. The app is available in the Apple Store and Google Play.
  • Riding with LTD will continue to be free for students. There is no charge for TouchPass cards.

A few FAQs:

What if I wait until after March 31 to activate my student Fare?
LTD drivers will not allow you to board the bus without a TouchPass card or the TouchPass app. Student fare will continue to be available through the school office and you can activate it at any time. We recommend activating your student fare before Spring Break. When we return from Spring Break there will be only three school days left for students to get their student fare from Ken in the finance office before LTD will stop accepting student ID cards. We have about 1,100 students and only one Ken. Please come in early to avoid a last-minute rush.

Should I use the app or the card?
It’s up to you, but you must choose one or the other. Most students have chosen the card because it will work even when their phone runs out of battery.

When will the student pass expire?
The student fare will allow students to ride through September 2020. This means they can ride the bus all summer long! Students should keep their TouchPass cards to renew their free student fare at the beginning of the next school year.

Why is this changing now?
LTD is able to provide free fare to students through a grant. To keep the grant, LTD must provide ridership information. TouchPass is a new system that helps LTD track when and where people are riding the bus. Tracking the number of people who ride the bus also helps LTD make informed decisions about the size and frequency of buses that are needed for each route. LTD does not have access to student names; the TouchPass card number is only associated with the name of the school that issued the fare.

I lost my TouchPass card. How do I get a replacement?
Visit Ken in the finance office. He will deactivate your old card and issue you a new one.

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