Graduation at a G’Lance, April 14, 2023

Hello, Class of 2023 and Parents,


The final push toward graduation is upon us. This is a fun and exciting time of year with lots of fun activities and celebrations. It comes with challenges, too. Seniors are making final decisions about their post-high school plans, finalizing coursework, and getting ready to say goodbye to mentors and friends. The class of 2023 has gone through challenges that no one would ever have expected. Remember how far you’ve come to get here and don’t give up!

The Graduation at a G’Lance newsletter will be coming to you every Friday from now until graduation. Read through it to stay up to date on what’s coming next.


Churchill Graduation Committee


ICYMI: Information from the Graduation Information Night on April 6


Graduation Ceremony Ticket Distribution

Since the Graduation Information Night on April 6, several parents have reached out with questions about graduation tickets. I hope that this abbreviated version of the ticket policy will be clearer. Of course, please contact me if you have any questions.

Jill Reents,, 541-790-5112

  • 4 tickets are reserved for each graduate.
  • Each student can request a maximum total of 14 tickets for the CHS graduation.
  • When distribution starts on May 15, each student can get 6 tickets immediately and put in a request for any more tickets that their family needs (up to 14 total).
  • After I process the lottery requests on May 26, I cannot guarantee that I will have more than tickets available for each student.

With that said, we don’t expect to run out of tickets after the first lottery round. It’s only in the last few years that we’ve run out of tickets entirely, but not until the last few days before graduation.

IHS does not limit the number of tickets per student for IHS graduation. They have a smaller number of students and don’t need to worry about running out of tickets.


Graduation Checklist

The graduation checklist will be posted at Jill’s window in the front office, and on the Class of 2023 page. Much of the graduation checklist will be updated after midterm grades are posted. For now, please just make sure that your student number is on the list. Contact Jill if your number is missing.

Jill Reents,, 541-790-5112

Graduation Checklist April 14, 2023(PDF)



The “credits” column in the checklist will not be updated until after midterm grades are finalized.

Personalized Learning

Students will have completed their Personal Learning Requirements for Graduation in the following ways:

Extended Learning LEAP: Once you have completed your LEAP Interview with your counselor/Mary Beth, you will have met this requirement.

CRLS: A meeting with your counselor or an intern about your post-high school plan.



Audition signup sheets are on Jill’s window in the front office. We still have lots of slots open. Please consider sharing your talent or your words at the graduation ceremony. We’d love to include your voice.

Auditions are on April 25 and 26 in the choir room.




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