G’Lancer, September 2020


In this issue…

Churchill Families,

Welcome to the 2020–2021 school year. In this special back-to-school issue of the G’Lancer, we hope to give you the information and resources that you need for our new model of comprehensive distance learning. Please understand that we will continue to adjust our practices to adapt to changes in public health conditions. Information may change quickly. Please keep a close eye on our website and watch your email inbox carefully for messages from the school. Our top priority will always be the safety of our students and our community.

The G’Lancer is published at the beginning of each term. In addition to the G’Lancer, Churchill communicates information to families in a variety of ways.

    • Principal Greg Borgerding will email weekly Family Bulletins with information about the upcoming week’s events and important announcements.
    • The 4J school district uses SchoolMessenger to send reminders and time-sensitive announcements to families as recorded voice messages, emails, and social media posts. You are encouraged to create a SchoolMessenger account at go.schoolmessenger.com using the email address Churchill uses to contact you. Once your account is active you will be able to control how you receive messages from Churchill through SchoolMessenger, such as opting out of phone messages or opting into SMS (text). These messages can be very frequent at the beginning of the school year when a lot of important events take place.
    • Occasionally we will post announcements on Facebook @churchillhighschool, Twitter @CHSLancers, and Instagram @churchilllancers. In addition to our school pages, some of our clubs, departments, and teachers manage their own social media accounts. The creator of the account, teacher, or club advisor is responsible for the content on those pages.
    • Finally, check out our website at chs.4j.lane.edu. You can get to all of our announcements, newsletters, and social media pages from there.

Welcome back! We are excited to begin this new learning adventure together.

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September 21 Classes Begin
October 9 No School — State In-Service Day
October 23 No School — Mid-Term Grading Day
October 30 No School — Professional Development
November 3 Election Day
November 11 School Closed — Veterans Day
November 26 & 27 School Closed — Thanksgiving Break
December 11 No School — Term 1 Grading Day
December 14 Term 2 Classes Begin
December 21–January 3 School Closed — Winter Break
January 4 No School — Professional Development
January 5 Classes Resume (possible start of hybrid learning)


Churchill News

Classes Begin: September 21

What to Do on the First Day of School

On Monday, a few minutes before 8:30 a.m.:

  1. Sign in to Canvas.
  2. Open your Advisory Class.
  3. Find the Zoom link and click on it to join your classmates for synchronous learning.

Bell Schedule

The bell schedule for this year has been adjusted to fit with distance learning, hybrid learning, and full in-person school. We have created some informative videos to help you understand it. Take note that the schedule for the first week of classes is a little different.

View the bell schedule and the videos at chs.4j.lane.edu/bell-schedules.

Log on and Check in

Before classes begin, students should use their 4J username and password to log on to all of the services listed below and make sure their account is working correctly.

Students will need to check their student email before the first day of class for important announcements from their teachers.

To request a password reset

Depending on your classes, some of your teachers may ask you to use other web-based programs. Please check with your teacher or read your course syllabus for complete information about the programs and services your teacher expects you to use.

Go to chs.4j.lane.edu/2020-back-to-school-checklist for a complete list of tasks to complete for the beginning of the school year.

Accounts for Parents

Parents can view their student(s)’s progress and control the way they receive announcements from Churchill and 4J. Here are some of the web services available to 4J parents.

  • ParentVUE — Contact Trisha Jackson, jackson_tr@4j.lane.edu, for activation information.
  • Canvas — To set up your account, look for the link that says “Click Here For an Account” and follow the instructions from there. Your student or their teacher can provide the pairing code.
  • SchoolMessenger — Log in or create your account using the email address we have on file for you in your student’s record. Look for the preferences option in the menu to adjust whether you receive texts, phone calls, and emails from 4J and Churchill.

Technology Assistance

Visit our Distance Learning page for a list of important links and resources for technology support.


Attendance is taken every school day on the following school day for each scheduled class (example: for classes scheduled on Monday attendance is taken Tuesday morning).

To be considered Present for a class a student must do at least one of the following within the 24 hour period of the day the class is scheduled (8:30 am – 8:29 am):

  • Attend Synchronous Zoom Class Period
  • Complete an Asynchronous assignment
  • Make contact with the teacher (ex. e-mail)

To excuse your student’s absence, please email chs_attendance@4j.lane.edu.


Please do not email or call your counselor to request a correction to your class schedule. Links to the schedule correction request forms are posted at chs.4j.lane.edu/scheduling. Counselor caseloads have been adjusted for the new year. Some students may have a new counselor. Please refer to the list below to see who your counselor is for this year.

9th Grade: Casey Tiemann | 541-790-5136 | tiemann@4j.lane.edu 
10th–12th Grade, A–F:
 Nita Halstead | 541-790-5113 | halstead_n@4j.lane.edu
10th–12th Grade, G–P: Katy McAuliffe | 541-790-5118 | mcauliffe@4j.lane.edu
10th–12th Grade, Q–Z: Court Wirth | 541-790-5116 | wirth_c@4j.lane.edu

Mental Health Resources

This is a stressful time. Our counselors want you to know about some of the mental resources available to students and their families.

Click here to view the list in your web browser.
Click here to download the list as a PDF.

Lines for Life has recently launched a COVID-19 Emotional Support Line that is also being tapped to receive calls regarding the wildfires. Callers do not have to be in crisis to utilize this line and access supportive listening, compassion, and connection to resources. This line is 24/7 and the number is 855-238-8644 (non-800-number version is 503-575-3761).

The Oregon Family Support Network has a supportive helpline available for parents of children that are experiencing mental health concerns. On this line, parents can speak with other parents that have gone through similar challenges. Find more information at www.reachoutoregon.org.

Student Health Center at Churchill

The Churchill Health Center is open and available for 4J students to access medical and mental health services.

The PeaceHealth medical team provides wellness visits, sports physicals, sick visits, management of chronic conditions, reproductive health care, and immunizations. We are currently offering this season’s flu shot.

The Lane County Behavioral Health therapists provide mental health assessments and counseling services including individual counseling, group counseling, and family counseling.

The health center can bill most private insurance and the Oregon Health Plan. We are committed to making sure our patients get the care they need, whether they can afford to pay or not. Please ask us about financial assistance options if you have any concerns about billing.

Call 541-790-5227 to schedule an appointment; same-day appointments are often available.

Eugene Public Library Cards for All 4J Students — Sign Up Now!

Thanks to a new partnership between the Eugene School District 4J and the Eugene Public Library, all 4J students may get a library card. The registration form was mailed home as an insert in the school calendar. Please mail in the signed form (postage is prepaid) and a library card will be sent to you. This will give students access to all of the library’s physical holdings (books, DVDs, CDs, video games, etc.) as well as full digital access to ebooks, audiobooks, and database information. You may also sign up for digital access only by calling the public library at 541-682-5450. If you have questions about this partnership, you can contact Debbie Levy, Churchill’s teacher-librarian, at levy_d@4j.lane.edu.

AVID Welcomes 9th Graders and Seniors Back to School

Welcome AVID Class of 2024!

Welcome back AVID Seniors! This is a senior year like no other, but we will get through this together and the scholarships and college admissions are still waiting for you all!

Choir Auditions

Auditions for Concert Choir and Downing Street Singers will be on Monday and Tuesday (9/21 & 22) on Zoom from 1:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Contact Jacob Steinberger for a Zoom invitation: steinberger_j@4j.lane.edu.

Not sure if you want to join? Check out this video to see what you can do in Choir.

Student Accident & Sickness Insurance- Now
More Important Than Ever!

Despite your best efforts to protect them, children get hurt and out-of-pocket expenses for medical care can be significant.

  • Is your child already covered?
  • Does your plan have large deductibles and co-insurance?
  • Do you want to be able to see the doctor that YOU choose?

Myers-Stevens & Toohey Can Help!

Download the application (PDF)

¡El seguro contra accidentes para estudiantes ahora es más
importante que nunca!

A pesar de que se haga todo lo posible por protegerlos, los niños se lastiman y los gastos directos por atención médica pueden ser significativos.

  • ¿Su hijo ya está cubierto?
  • ¿Su plan tiene deducibles y coseguros altos?
  • ¿Desea poder ver al médico que USTED elija?

¡Myers-Stevens & Toohey pueden ayudar!
Haz click aquí para descubrir como

Descargar la aplicación (PDF)


Churchill relies on the contributions of skilled and committed volunteers to make the vision of “Excellence every day for every Lancer” a reality. Volunteer opportunities are available throughout the school. We can use your skills. Volunteers tutor students, help them apply for schools and scholarships, answer phones, help maintain the grounds, build sets and sew costumes for plays and musicals, organize fundraisers, chaperone events or field trips, serve on Site Council, and so much more.

All volunteers must complete the 4J Volunteer Application at helpcounter.net/eugene. Volunteer background checks expire after 2 years and each volunteer must complete the application again to renew their background check at the end of the 2 years. Only current registered volunteers who have completed the SafeSchools volunteer training may be on campus or chaperone a school function without a staff escort.

Contact the volunteer coordinator, Jill Reents, at reents_ji@4j.lane.edu to check your volunteer status.


School-to-Career News

Seniors: RTEC 101

Seniors, are you thinking about attending Lane CC in Fall 2021 or thinking of Lane CC as a backup plan? Then please consider this HIGHLY RECOMMENDED course called RTEC 101 Gateway to College and Careers. This is a special course offered to high school seniors for free and online.

Seniors will learn:

  • What classes to take for your major/degree
  • How to get a personalized approach to college and financial aid advising
  • What happens once your FAFSA is filed
  • About support services
  • How College Now credits apply to a degree
  • What it’s like to be in college
  • The 10-Week, 2-credit option offers more specific career technical careers research

The course is offered

Five-Week, 1-credit Option 10-Week, 2-credit Option
September 28 – October 29 September 30 – December 5
November 4 – December 5

How to Reserve Your Spot

Click on the link in the first paragraph for a complete description and reserve your spot. You may also want to download the attached flyer and scan the QR Code with your phone. If you are under 18, you need to complete the attached Under 18 Consent Form.

If you have any questions, please let Brenda Williams know.

Brenda Williams Ed.M., WilliamsB@Lanecc.edu
HSC Advisor/RTEC Faculty
Bldg 19, Room 231

P.S. Brenda is great! And CHS students who’ve taken this course really appreciated the information and came away feeling more confident about attending college.

Design Arts Apprenticeship Program

The design arts apprenticeship program offers Lane County middle and high school student apprenticeship opportunities in graphic, digital, and physical design. Students will pair with a professional designer, working alongside their mentor to understand the profession, explore specific ways to approach design and begin creating on their own. In addition to learning a creative practice, students also explore the business aspects of a creative career, bolstering college and career readiness regardless of their chosen field.

The apprenticeship program:

  • Pairs 3-4 students with an artist mentor, for a total of 25 after-school hours over a 10-week period for intensive, direct learning.
  • Supports students in creating a hands-on project that can be presented or demonstrated at the end of the term.
  • Introduces business aspects of a creative career.
  • Provides students professional training opportunities through workshops and community talks with international designers.

Now accepting fall term applications. The deadline to submit is September 18th, 2020. Click here to be guided to the Lane Arts Council web site and the application.

Getting Hired for the Holidays

Don’t miss this opportunity to spruce up your resume, get tips on mock interviews, and leads on jobs for the holidays. Monday, October 5th, the time is still to be determined but it will be LIVE on Zoom with representatives from local professional employment agencies.

Contact Mary Beth Hepp-Elam, Program Coordinator, School-to-Career, elam_m@4j.lane.edu.

Virtual Career Exploration Opportunities begin on Sept. 23.

Sponsored by Elevate Lane County and Connected Lane County.

Download the flyer here.


College and Career Center News

We may not be in person but we are here to support students prepare for their next steps. The College and Career Center has many virtual events planned to help students and families get the information they need for a successful senior year.


29th, 6:30–8:00 p.m. — Financial Aid Information Night – Overview of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA is the first step in applying for Federal and State aid and in many cases, is required by colleges to apply for their scholarships also. We’ll walk through the form and talk about strategies for filling it out.

30th, 6:30–8:00 p.m. — Scholarship Information Night. Learn where and how to look for scholarships. We’ll discuss best practices and strategies for success.


1st — FAFSA online form available. https://studentaid.gov/h/apply-for-aid/fafsa

1st,  3:30 p.m.–7:00 p.m. — FAFSA Completion drop-in hours. Drop in with questions about filling out the FAFSA.

6th, 6:30 p.m. — Navigating High School Information Night – Join the Counseling team, School-to-Career, and College and Career Center staff for a discussion of graduation requirements, how to read a transcript, how to know if you are on track to graduate, options for life after high school, where to find information and who to talk to when you need help and much more information to help your journey through high school be successful.

15th, 2:00 p.m.–4:00 p.m. — Common Application Workshop. The Common Application is one application for admission used by over 700 colleges and universities. Drop in for help filling out the application.

22nd, 4:00 p.m.–7:00 p.m. — FAFSA Completion drop-in hours. Drop in with questions about filling out the FAFSA.


2nd — Oregon Student Access and Completion Scholarship application opens. https://oregonstudentaid.gov/

10th, 4:00 p.m.–6:00 p.m. — College Application Workshop. Drop in for help filling out the Common Application as well as individual college and university applications.

19th, 4:30 p.m.–5:30 p.m. — Lane Community College Presentation w/LCC Admissions Representative.

Links to all the above events will be sent via email and in the Principal’s Bulletin one week prior to the event.

College visits?

Yes, please! Nothing can replace meeting directly with an Admissions Representative. Websites and shiny brochures don’t tell the whole story. We strongly encourage students to attend virtual visits. You will find information and links to those visits on the CHS calendar. Visits are added frequently so check the calendar often.

Join the Key Club at CHS!

Key Club is an international, student-led organization that provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character, and develop leadership. Have fun while giving back to our community, set yourself apart on your resume, college and scholarship application, and make life long connections. For more information contact Sheree Houck at houck_s@4j.lane.edu.


4J District News

Free and Reduced Benefits

All 4J families are encouraged to learn more about the benefits of the Free and Reduced-Price meals program. Families who qualify can benefit outside of the school lunch program with low-cost internet, healthcare, reduced sports fees, and more!

Learn more about these benefits at http://www.4j.lane.edu/nutrition/freelunchbenefits, or http://www.4j.lane.edu/nutrition/freelunch.

Bullying, Harassment, and Discrimination

Eugene School District 4J has policies and programs to prohibit and prevent bullying and harassment, including intimidation, cyberbullying, hazing, and teen dating violence. Discrimination, meaning any act that has the purpose or effect of unreasonably differentiating in treatment in any instructional program, extracurricular activity, or in the provision of any other service or benefit, is prohibited on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation (actual or perceived), gender identity or expression, national origin, marital status, age or disability.

The district encourages students, parents, and other patrons to share their concerns with district officials if they believe they or someone else has been the victim of bullying and harassment, including intimidation, cyberbullying, hazing and teen dating violence, or discrimination. No reprisal or adverse action will occur as a consequence of initiating a complaint in good faith.

Incidents should be reported to the school principal or another staff member. If the complainant has worked with the school and is not satisfied with the resolution, or if the principal is believed to be involved, a complaint may be directed to the superintendent’s office. Complaint forms and information about the complaint process are available in all 4J school offices and at the 4J Education Center, 200 North Monroe Street, Eugene, OR 97402. For more information, contact your school principal or the superintendent’s office, 541‑790‑7707.

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