Friday, November 19, 2021


Friday: FSU meets at lunch in the auditorium

CHS Students

Your School Health Center now has the COVID-19 AND flu vaccines available. You can stop by or call to schedule an appointment, 541-790-5227.

Tri 2 Schedules

The Schedule Change Form for Trimester 2 is now open on the CHS website. Enter your request ONE time, then check your 4J email and StudentVUE for schedule updates. Not all changes will be possible due to class sizes and schedule conflicts. You will be notified through your 4J email if the change cannot happen.

Update: If you have already tried to enter a schedule change request and you were not able to fill out the form, please try again. We have updated the settings.

Fall Food Drive

The holiday season is approaching! Please join us in helping feed families this holiday season by donating food, cash, or gift cards to the Fall Food Drive. The top three classes with the most donations will earn a class prize! Please bring all donations to your 3rd-period teacher.  Let’s make this season of giving great!

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