Final Grades: Important Information for Families

Grading in 2021-22/Final Grades

As a reminder, the district has adopted a grading framework for the year. The district has stated that students can assert their right to a grade of P/NP, rather than the typical letter grade through the last day of the term. It also states that we will not be entering grades of F and instead will issue NP in instances where students have failed to demonstrate proficiency in a course’s learning targets and related standards.

Although we are by default issuing an NP in lieu of an F, we are not by default issuing a P in those instances where a student has earned a D. I am reminding families of the grading framework and reminding you that they have the right to request a mark of P rather than the earned letter grade. I believe we serve families well by advising them of their choices and what some of the implications might be. For example, a grade of NP is not viewed favorably by college admissions and does not impact the grade point average (this can be good or bad depending on your personal situation).

Friday, Dec. 3 is the last day of Trimester 1. In most classes, students are graded A, B, C, D, or NP this year. As previously stated, students may choose to be graded Pass/No Pass in any class but must communicate that to their teacher by the last day of the term (Dec. 3), ideally in writing. We do recommend that families engage with counselors around choosing Pass/No Pass if in doubt to understand how it may affect post-high school planning. However, it feels important to note that, if a student is expecting to receive a ‘D’ in a class, it may be preferable to opt for a Pass/No Pass option since a ‘Pass’ provides credit (just as a ‘D’ does), but does not impact GPA. Teachers will not make that determination for the student, and it is important that students who desire to be graded Pass/No Pass make that request by the last day of the term.

Keep in mind that most four-year colleges and universities will expect to see a grade of A, B, or C on a transcript for core classes that are being used to qualify for university admission. During the pandemic, we have seen many colleges and universities be somewhat flexible in how they view a ‘P’ on a transcript, but we recommend checking with your prospective college or university for specifics since some colleges and universities will perceive a ‘P’ as representing an unknown level of performance between 60%–100% and may need to see an A, B, or C to consider the course for college admission.

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