Field Trips

Field Trips

The Volunteer Application MUST BE COMPLETED BY ALL VOLUNTEERS. Only approved volunteers who have completed SafeSchools training for the current school year and independent contractors who have submitted a background check to the 4J school district may be on campus or attend a school function without a staff escort. Check with the secretary to see if your volunteers are approved.

Note: Volunteer applications take two weeks to process. Recruit your volunteers well in advance of your trip to ensure adequate time for processing.

Churchill Staff Field Trip Agreements

  1. Requests will be taken to Operations at least 2 weeks before a field trip. The earlier the better.
  2. The organizing staff member will email a list of students attending the field trip to at least two weeks before the field trip.
  3. District Field Trip Checklist must be completed
  4. Students will fill out the field trip form at least 1 week before the field trip.
  5. No field trips 5 school days before each trimester’s final grading period. Reasonable exceptions made for special events that are not congruent with CHS calendar (i.e. activities governed outside of CHS/athletics, etc.)
  6. Revisit students attending if they are not passing their classes
Churchill Student Field Trip Form (required if students will miss another teacher’s class)

4J Field Trip Resources and Guidelines

4J Travel and Field Trips Information and Guidelines

Students under 18 must obtain permission from a parent or guardian any time an excursion takes students off of school property.

Overnight field trip requests must be submitted 30-days before the trip date. This provides both the administrator and HR time to review the trip and follow up on any needs or required changes. If requests are submitted without the required 30-days notice, HR will deny the trip request.

4J Field Trip Guidelines and Student/family forms (required)

Staff & Volunteers Private-Auto Insurance Form (required for all volunteers or staff members who will be driving students to or from an event)