Family Bulletin, September 22, 2023



4J High School ABC Days 2023 – 2024

Monday, 9/25 Tuesday, 9/26 Wednesday, 9/27 Thursday, 9/28 Friday, 9/29
A Day B Day C Day A Day
Assembly Bell Schedule
B Day


September 25 – 29 Latin-American/Hispanic Excellence Spirit Week
Monday, September 25 Lunch Guest Speaker: Ernesto Javier Martinez
Poster (PDF)
September 26 –29 Lunch Movie: A Million Miles Away in F46
Thursday, September 28 Latin-American Heritage Assembly (Assembly Bell Schedule)
Friday, September 29 Trifold Showcase
October 2 – 6 Homecoming Week
Monday, October 2 Monochrome Monday
Tuesday, October 3 Anything but a Backpack
Wednesday, October 4 Barbie
Thursday, October 5 Thrifty Thursday
Friday, October 6 Homecoming Assembly (Assembly Bell Schedule)
Lancer Day
Freshman: white
Sophomores: red
Juniors: blue
Seniors: black
Saturday, October 7 7:30 PM Homecoming Dance


Churchill Student News

Request a Locker

The locker request form is still open. Students can find the form on the CHS website under the ‘Students’ menu, or CLICK HERE.


Student Schedules

The Schedule Correction Request form is closed. For additional questions, please make an appointment with your counselor.

School Supplies

Need help with school supplies? “Mike’s Closet”, in the CHS Cafeteria, has backpacks, notebooks, binders, pens, pencils, markers, highlighters, glue sticks… and we have school clothes, shoes, and groceries. Check with any staff member, or just visit Mike’s closet in the cafeteria at lunch or between classes.


Student Computer Upgrades

This upgrade is not optional. Please upgrade your student computer if you haven’t already.

Students who checked out computers at Back-to-School Days do not need to perform this upgrade task. The computer you received has already been upgraded.

Before you start: If you haven’t been using your student computer over the summer, the computer battery may have drained, and you will need to charge it and turn it on to allow the clock to update before the operating system upgrade will work. You may need to restart the computer a few times.

Follow these instructions carefully: Quicksheet – Upgrade macOS 2023

This big upgrade may take several hours to complete. Do not attempt to complete this update using a cellular signal or hotspot. Make sure your computer is in a safe place where it can remain plugged in and will not be disturbed during the upgrade.

If you are unable to complete the upgrade at home, please exchange your student computer at the Technology Office, Room F40. 


IHS Parent Information Night

Our Eugene IHS Parent Information Night has been rescheduled for Monday, October 2 from 7-8 pm at the Ed Center Auditorium located at 200 N. Monroe Street in Eugene. We hope to see you all there!
We will post the informational slides from the presentation on our IHS website for anyone who cannot attend in person. And as always, please feel free to reach out to me with any questions at any time.

From the College & Career Center

The College & Career Center is off and running scheduling events to help students succeed. Each week we will publish events we sponsor as well as community-based events and resources.

Upcoming college visits:


  • 25th – Montana State University
  • 26th – Oregon State University
  • 27th – University of Oregon
  • 28th – University of Redlands
  • 29th – University of Chicago

**All visits are at lunch in room F36


See the CHS calendar for future events.


Students – Watch your 4j email for notifications, listen to or read the announcements, and check out the TV screens in the College & Career Center and the student lounge near the coffee cart for important information about visits and other College & Career happenings.



College & Career Extravaganza is coming!!

When: Wednesday, November 15, 2023

What time: 6:30pm-8:30pm

Where: Churchill High School Campus

What is the Extravaganza? Your opportunity to attend workshops on financial Aid, scholarships, options beyond high school, essay writing, resume building, getting hired for your future, job search strategies, understanding the trades and apprenticeships, financial literacy for high school students, and a whole lot more.

All grades and families are welcome.



You may have heard that the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and Oregon Student Aid Application (ORSAA) will be changing for 2024-25. Due to the intense behind-the-scenes programming, the FAFSA will not open until sometime in the month of December. ORSAA will open as soon as possible, but most likely in December as well. Stay tuned as we will share further information and details as we get them.

You can still create your FSA ID (username and password) now so you are prepared once the FAFSA opens in December. It’s very important to create an FSA ID for each FAFSA contributor PRIOR TO completing the FAFSA. Families who attempt to create FSA IDs at the time of FAFSA completion will not experience the benefits of the simplified FAFSA. It takes three days to verify the identity of FSA ID applicants, which means that individuals who have yet to be verified will have to complete additional questions by hand.



Student Attendance: Reporting an Absence

Is your student missing school today? Make sure to contact us to let us know. If your student is coming to school late or needs to be pulled from class early, call the front office at 541-790-5100. If your student is going to be out for the whole day, make sure to call our attendance line at 541-790-5102.

Call anytime day or night: 541-790-5102

To excuse by email:

  • Please inform the attendance office each day that your student is absent.
  • Absences need to be excused within 2 school days.
  • Pre-planned absences of 3 or more days may be excused if arranged in advance by filling out the pre-arranged absence form available in our front office or on our website at

When a student needs to leave school during the day for an appointment or other reason: Parents should send a note with the student on the morning of the absence. The student should turn in the note at the front office. Office staff will send a note to the classroom teacher to excuse the student from class at the appropriate time.

We know that appointments and illness can come up unexpectedly. For these unexpected events, please call the front office before coming to the school to pick up your student. This gives us time to send a note to the classroom so that the student is ready to leave when you arrive. Please understand that there may be a delay if you do not notify us in advance.


ParentVUE and CANVAS

These two accounts collectively give you access to your student’s attendance, grades, class schedule, homework assignments, and more! If you need help with setting up these parent accounts, please reach out to our registrar, Dorothy Catanese, and she can send you your own unique codes along with easy-to-follow steps to activate each account. The best way for her to share this information is via email so please send requests to If you need assistance in person, please call her at 541-790-5108 to make an appointment before coming to the school.

Canvas for Parents

Visit for links and tutorials to help you create your Canvas account and connect to your student’s classes.

Canvas is an online classroom platform where teachers share lessons, materials, and assignments for their students. Parents can see student grades and progress on class assignments.


Login at Parents receive an activation key from the school registrar to set up this account. If you are having trouble signing in to ParentVUE, please email Dorothy at

In ParentVUE, parents can see student schedules, attendance history, and grades.


Grading Policy Change: No ‘Pass/No-Pass’ Option for Core Classes

Starting this school year, all core-credit classes will not be eligible for a Pass/No Pass grade. Teachers will only give out the following letter grades: A, B, C, D, and F. The only exceptions are the following classes: Advisory, Aides, Access Center, Academics Unlimited, Work Experience, Life Skills, and Algebra Success. These classes are only eligible for a Pass/No Pass grade. If this changes, we will share this information with families as soon as possible.


4J Community News

EEF 5K for 4J: Saturday, October 14

Peer-to-Peer Registration

Individual Registration 5k Toolkit

FAQ for Schools and Parent Groups 2023 Final.docx


Eugene Parent Support Space

Eugene Parent Support Space (PDF): A peer-support space for caregivers and parents of LGBTQ2SIA+ and questioning kids in the Eugene area.


Community News

Sing with the Oregon Children’s Choir!

The Oregon Children’s Choir welcomes 1st – 12th graders to join one of our fun and inspiring choirs for the 2023-2024 school year! Develop new singing techniques,  learn new songs, and make new friends. Choirs meet once per week and perform four concerts per year. Scholarships and sibling discounts are available. Registration and information at
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