Family Bulletin, April 14, 2023

Dear Lancer Families,

Happy Spring!  (Or at least it should be Spring, but I’m not sure the weather wants to cooperate with the chance of snow or colder weather that keeps happening.)  Either way, we are heading into the last part of the school year, and brighter days are sure to be here soon.

This past week we had a bit of a scare at school, and while everything turned out fine, I know that students, staff and families may still be dealing with processing all that happened or might need additional supports.  I would like to remind everyone that in addition to our school counseling staff, we have our partner organizations, HOOTS, OSLC, and District Care Advocates, on campus throughout the week should any student wish to speak to someone.  Additionally, here is a resource that may be helpful as your student processes their response to last Monday’s incident.

With 9 weeks left in the school year, I encourage you and your students to stay up on their classes, keep working on and turning in your assignments, and connect with teachers as often as you can so you can finish the year strong.  Mid-terms are just around the corner, so stay focused and do the best you can!

Go Lancers!


Missy Cole

Principal, Churchill High School


See the full Calendar at the end of the newsletter.


School and Student Information

Taking Care of School Laptops

Only put laptops in the laptop sleeves

Please don’t put anything except the laptop in the laptop sleeves. We’ve noticed students using the outside pocket of the laptop sleeves to store their chargers. This causes the charger to press against the laptop and crack the screen. We suggest storing your charger in a separate pocket on your backpack.

For more tips on keeping your school laptop safe, visit our Caring for School Laptops page.


School-to-Career News

Free LCC class for juniors and seniors

High School and GED Grads, class of 2023 and 2024

Enroll in one tuition-free course in Spring or Summer 2023 at Lane!

Get a jump start on your education by taking one course at Lane Community College at a discounted price! Lane will give you tuition money for one course. Fees are not included. For a 4-credit course, that’s at least 70% savings!

Eligibility Requirements

  • Register for one course during one of the terms (spring or summer) before the published term refund deadline
  • You are graduating from an Oregon high school or Oregon GED program in 2023 or 2024
  • Find out more here

Design Arts Internships

Spring Apprenticeship

The design arts apprenticeship program offers Lane County middle and high school students apprenticeship opportunities in graphic, digital, and physical design. Students pair with a professional designer, working alongside their mentor to understand the profession, explore specific ways to approach design, and begin creating on their own. In addition to learning a creative practice, students also explore the business aspects of a creative career, bolstering college and career readiness regardless of their chosen field.

Applications are due by: April 10th

Kickoff Event: April 19th

10-Week Apprenticeship: April 24th – June 30th*

Final Showcase: June 30th

Apply here for our 2023 Spring apprenticeships! En Español

Calling all current high school juniors and seniors!

The application for our PAID summer internship program is open through Monday, March 30th at 5:00 pm! Applications require one letter of recommendation. Those selected to move forward will participate in one interview before final interns are chosen. Limited seats are available so be sure to get your application in early and follow ALL steps to submit a complete application! Click here to apply and find out more!

Pre-College Mentors from the SAIL (Summer Academy to Inspire Learning) program at UO on our campus!

We are again fortunate to have Pre-College Mentors from the SAIL (Summer Academy to Inspire Learning) program at UO on our campus. Mentors can work with students in all grades to help them research, explore and plan for life after high school. Mentors help seniors with college, scholarship, and financial aid applications, essay writing, and navigating the system to prepare for their Freshman year in college. Mentors are located in the College & Career Center on a drop-in basis or by appointment. Mentors are available M-F during the following hours:

Monday — 9:00 am–3:30 pm
Tuesday —8:30 am–3:30 pm
Wednesday — 8:30 am–3:30 pm
Thursday — 8:30 am–3:30 pm
Friday — 8:15am–10:00am


Family and Community Information

Parent & Family Engagement & Partnership Survey

We want to hear from you!!  Below is the link to the 2022/2023 Parent and Family Engagement & Partnership survey. (English and Spanish)  Please take a few minutes to answer questions about how we can improve as a school.  The questions range from academics, communication, support for your student, climate and culture of the school and classrooms, and preparing your student for the next grade level or life after high school.  We are always wanted to get better as a school, so your feedback is welcome.  Thank you for taking the time to help us as a school get better.

2023 Graduation Party

The grad committee is hard at work gathering prizes and donations to make this event spectacular! Tickets will be going on sale soon so keep an eye out for updates. You can visit our website, or email to be added to the email list.

Please email to be added to the email distribution list.

Grad Party Fundraisers

You’ve Been Flocked!

We have some pesky red/white/blue flamingos making their debut in people’s yards over the next few months. If you have the name and address of someone you would like “flocked” please email us. Please be advised they should have a good sense of humor and a willingness to support our Senior Class? You’ve Been Flocked! will be in effect from March until June.

Mother’s Day Hanging Baskets

In May, we will be selling Mother’s Day 12” Hanging Flower Baskets. More information is forthcoming about that event. Preorder sales and on-site sales will be available.

Donate Directly

If you would like to simply donate funds to sponsor a raffle basket, pay for prizes, or sponsor a student’s entry to the event, we would appreciate any assistance. Use the Venmo code, send cash or check to the school office, or contact one of the committee members for donation payment arrangements. We are a non-profit, parent-sponsored event.


Sign up to volunteer:


Thank you for your time and consideration,

Sarah Howe (Party Chair) 541-913-4344
Rhiannon Demings (Party Co-chair) 541-954-8597


The Graduation Night Party is a community-sponsored event. Liability is the responsibility of the organizers. 


4J School Calendars for next year


School Calendar Dates:   

One-Page Printable Calendar
Calendario Escolar Imprimible (español en página 2) 

**More information can be found on our District Web site here.


Move EUG Community Planning Project

The City of Eugene Transportation Planning Team wants to hear from you! Do you walk, bike, or take the bus to get around? Do you have safety concerns when walking, biking, or driving a car? If so, visit the Move EUG Engage Eugene page to share your transportation project ideas via an interactive map, and take a survey about your experiences while walking and biking in town. If you’d like to share your challenges and ideas in person, attend one of the many events this spring, all listed on Engage Eugene.

For more information contact Willow Hamilton, Community Engagement Coordinator, at, 541-682-5471


Muévense EUG

¿Camina, anda en bicicleta o toma el autobús para moverse? ¿Tiene preocupaciones de seguridad al caminar, andar en bicicleta o conducir un automóvil? Si es así, comparta sus desafíos de transporte e ideas de proyectos a través de un mapa interactivo en línea o en un evento en persona.

• Acceder al mapa interactivo en línea
• Visite al Equipo de Planificación de Transporte en el evento Hazlo Tú Mismo el 21 de mayo en el Centro Comunitario Peterson Barn de 12:00 p.m. a 3:00 p.m.

Contáctenos (se habla español):
Shane Rhodes


Earth Week

Monday’s Shift: Small shifts, big impacts.

Meatless Monday-Save Water and Land by planning a meatless meal, eating at least one meatless meal a week, figure out your food footprint with the impact calculator, read more about Meatless Mondays.

Take the pledge!

For every burger skipped, you can save enough water to drink for the next three years. Meatless meals are nutritious and delicious…Give it a try!

Tuesday’s Shift: Small shifts, big impacts.

Trashy Tuesday-Reduce your waste by reducing what you need, choose reusable over single use items, Love Food Not Waste-start curbside composting, Eat Smart, Waste Less, Recycle Right

Take the pledge!

Trash: noun, discarded matter; waste. As humans we live in a world of convenience and disposability. Many of us don’t think about what we will do with items we buy and use at their end-of-use-life and where these items will end up when we throw them “away”. Where in the world is away? Most items, unless we plan for them, that place called “away” is usually the land fill. We can make choices about the items we purchase, accept and how to dispose of them in more environmentally friendly ways.

Wednesday’s Shift: Small shifts, big impacts.

Water Wednesday-Conserve and protect water by always using cold water unless you need hot, don’t leave the tap running, take shorter showers, run full loads of clothes/dishes, water outdoors only when needed, always use a reusable water bottle, pick up litter to keep waterways clean

Take the pledge!

Did you know 70% of Earth is water and only 2.5 % is fresh water? All the water we have is all the water we will ever have. In our area, we rely on the McKenzie river for our drinking water. Water is a precious natural resource that all living things need to survive. It is a first food. Water is life.

Thursday’s Shift: Small shifts, big impacts.

Thrifty Thursday-Save money and the planet by buying second hand items, hang clothes to dry, choose reusable items, repair instead of replace, eat your leftovers, shower less, say no to things you don’t need, shop local

Take the pledge!

Thrifty: adjective, (of a person or their behavior) using money and other resources carefully and not wastefully. When we have a thrifty mindset, it not only keeps money in our wallets, it helps us reduce, reuse, repair, rethink our consumer choices.

Friday’s Shift: Small shifts, make big impact.

Forest Friday-Get outside and love our planet by walking instead of driving, go plogging, make a tree friend, take a hike, smell the flowers, sit by a river, climb a butte, ride a bike, plant a tree, watch an insect, listen to the birds sing.

Take the pledge!



LCC High-School Student Art Show

Please mark your calendars and consider attending the HS CTE student art show opening at Lane CC’s art gallery in Building 11 on Thursday, April 27th, 3–6 pm. There are over 60 student submissions represented by Springfield, Bethel, Eugene, and Fern Ridge SD’s. Please share this invitation with your students, parents, and community partners!


Fire Camp

Fire Camp is for any female-identifying youth that is between 15 and 19 years old and is June 26–30, 2023. All applications must be submitted by May 19th, 2023.

This unique camp instills self-confidence, teamwork, and leadership by utilizing fire service activities as a catalyst for this growth. Our curriculum is dynamic and physically challenging, but exceptionally rewarding for participants. During the camp, you will be issued firefighting gear and participate in activities related to the fire service, emergency medical services, and other fields.


Parker Learning Gardens

STEAM-based, hands-on outdoor opportunities for students and families.





Youth Discovery Project Flyer (PDF)

The Youth Discovery Project is a weekly afterschool program on Tuesdays, 4–6 pm, for ages 13–17. Participants will design, build, craft, cultivate, laugh, lead, and learn while diving into inspiring projects that include: Bamboo Shelter Building, Earthen Cob Wall Construction; Bow and Arrow  Making, Living Willow Structures, Farm Animal Intelligence Experiments, Mushroom Log Propagation, Biochar Creation, Woven Garden Structures, Bowl and Mask Making, Giant Tree Hang-Out Designing, and Much More. More information, including a brief outline of the Spring Curriculum, can be found at:

The 2023 curriculum is designed to inspire excitement for the natural environment through a series of immersive hands-on, youth-led building, crafting, and planting projects.


Ophelia’s Place Spring Calendar

Eugene 2023 Spring COE (PDF)


Eugene Schools Group for Parents of LGBTQ+ Students

Meeting time: 3rd Tuesday of every month, 6:00–7:30 PM at the Sheldon High School Library

A parent group for LGBTQ+ students has formed! We have met and want to include more parents. This group is for parents of students of all ages in Eugene schools. Please join us for:

  • safe space for support & community
  • education regarding LGBTQ+ youth issues
  • education regarding LGBTQ+ student rights
  • exposure to school & community resources
  • advocation for LGBTQ+ student inclusive schools in unity with other parents

Contact Lisa with questions or to request childcare: 541-517-4775,

GSA parent group march spa pdf

GSA parent group march eng pdf




Wordcrafters in Eugene

Wordcrafters offers engaging, robust writing education for youth in Lane County — most of which is free, by donation, or offers scholarships.

Our youth programs include:

  • Rainbow Reads — a monthly LGBTQIA+ teen book club
  • Write Club — monthly workshops for youth writers age 9+ on topics such as flash fiction, map making, writing about your life, and poetry
  • Summer camps and classes
  • Fiction Fantastic — an annual short story contest, free and open to all youth in Lane County




APRIL 17–21


MONDAY, 4/17 
OSAS Science Testing (11th-graders)

OSAS Science Testing (11th-graders)



FRIDAY, 4/21 

8:00–11:00 PM — Prom: Glitz and Glam, at Gerlinger Hall, University of Oregon


APRIL 24–28

MONDAY, 4/24 

2nd Period — Hold Drill

7:45 AM — Student of the Month Breakfast
4:30 PM — Cheer Open Gym


FRIDAY, 4/28 
The office will close at 2:45 pm
6:30 PM — Unified Basketball Game


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