Fall Athletics Update

Dear Churchill Families,

As we look toward the start of the school year and returning to school in a different way, we also are thinking about all other school-related activities. We want to provide an update about plans for high school athletics.

There will be no OSAA sports this fall. Last week the Oregon School Activities Association released their updated calendar to reflect postponed and shortened athletic seasons with the first competitions slated to start in January 2021. Traditional Winter activities will take place in January and February (Season 2), followed by Fall activities in March and April (Season 3), with Spring activities occurring in May and June (Season 4).

4J high school teams also will not engage in formal or informal sports team activities—such as games, practices or workouts—on or off campus until our schools return to in-person instruction, for the health and safety of our school community.

This is aligned with our district beginning the school year for at least the first trimester with students learning online, not in-person in school buildings; and with the current infection rate in Lane County being at a level that requires remote learning for our students including student-athletes.

While we recognize the important benefits of athletic participation, we must acknowledge the uncertainties surrounding the health impacts of COVID-19, and limit the potential exposure to our school communities during this time without competitions.

We want nothing more than to see our students return safely to school, enjoy time with their peers, and benefit from on-site learning and a regular routine—including resuming the athletic activities that many of our dedicated student-athletes and coaches are looking forward to.

However, we all recognize that this is not a regular back-to-school season. This will be a challenging year, and this decision reflects our commitment to our students’ health, well-being, and academic success.

Our school district will continue to monitor the current health conditions in our community, and in November will provide an update on a possible return to athletic activities as well as in-person teaching and learning in December.

Thank you for your understanding and your support of our school and our student-athletes.

Click here for the adopted 2020-21 OSAA School Activities Calendar.

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