Earth Week Themes

Show the Love- EARTH Day Action week

Small actions, big difference!

4J Climate Justice Students planned actions for each day of Earth Week to challenge all of us to take small actions to make a big difference. Take 30 days to make a new green habit!

Meatless Monday-plan a meatless meal once or twice a week.

Trashy Tuesday-refuse what you don’t need, reduce what you need, reuse what you consume, recycle what you cannot refuse, reduce or reuse, rot the rest (start curbside composting!)

Water Wednesday-fix leaks, don’t leave the tap running, shorter showers, water only when needed

Thrifty Thursday-buy second hand, hang clothes to dry, choose reusable items

Forest Friday-get outside, make a tree friend, go for a hike, smell the flowers

Earth Weekend…and beyond-start curbside composting, walk instead of drive, organize a litter pick-up in your neighborhood, plant a garden or a tree, donate spring cleaning items, …revisit the actions from the week.

Get involved and get inspiration here.

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