Distance Learning

Oregon schools are closed through the end of the school year, but classes continue with distance learning.

Office Hours

We will be open in the front office from 10-12 Monday through Thursday. You can stop by to collect technology, yards signs, and locker contents at those times.


Technology Support

How to Use Google Classroom: Helpful Videos

Students must use their 4J Google account to access Google Classroom.

Zoom Expectations for Students

Students must understand and agree to the following regarding the use of the Zoom Platform for official school communication.

  1. The meeting links you receive from a teacher are for you and you only. You are not to share the link with others outside of your class or try to attend zoom meetings that are not for you. 
  2. There will likely be a waiting room before entering the regular zoom meeting. Please wait patiently until you are admitted to the conversation. Students who are disruptive may be sent back to the waiting room.  Just like in regular class, this takes time away from the experience of the other learners and the teacher. 
  3. Students must not play with virtual backgrounds or other special effects during Zoom conversations unless given special permission by the teacher.   
  4. Use your real name, not a code name or abbreviation or something humorous. 
  5. If you turn your video off, just leave the screen blank with your name, no picture substitutions. 
  6. In conversations with 5 or more people:
    1. Automatically mute yourself except when it’s your turn to speak in any meeting.
    2. Use the “hand raise” feature to indicate you want to speak.
  7. Private chats are not allowed during school Zoom conversations. 
  8. Remember that this is for school purposes. When participating in a Zoom meeting for school, bring your classroom behavior to the screen.
    1. Locate yourself in an appropriate place.
    2. Sit (or stand) as you would in class.
    3. Wear school appropriate attire.
    4. Remove other distractions and focus solely on the Zoom conversation. 
  9. You may not take pictures, screenshots, or videos of the Zoom conversation, without express permission.