Caring for School Laptops

The safest place to use and store the laptop is on a flat, clear, stable surface like a table or desk.

  • Do not place the laptop on a surface where someone (including pets) might walk on it, kick it, sit on it, etc. (ex: the floor, a chair, a couch, a bed).
  • Do not place weight on the laptop (ex: at the bottom or in a stack of books)
  • Do not leave the laptop in a car in plain view.
  • Do not take the laptop out of the county (Lane) or state (Oregon).
  • Do not use the laptop in extremely dusty or sandy environments (ex: a woodshop, the beach).
  • Do not leave the laptop in a hot environment.

Handle the laptop gently.

  • Do not drop it onto a surface. Do not toss or throw it.
  • Do not carry the laptop with the lid (screen) open.
  • Do not affix stickers to the laptop. Do not mark the laptop (ex: with a pencil, pen, marker, etc.). Do not remove official 4j labels from the laptop.
  • Do not remove keys from the keyboard.

Keep all fluids and food (including gum, toothpaste, etc.) at least 6 feet away from the laptop at all times.

  • Do not spray cleaners directly on the laptop. Use a soft cotton or microfiber cloth wetted with 70% isopropyl alcohol–squeeze out excess alcohol–to clean and sanitize the keyboard and screen. Be very careful when cleaning the laptop, especially the keyboard and trackpad.
  • Do not use excessively-applied hand lotions or oils.
  • ***If liquid is spilled on the laptop, do not try to fix it yourself. Do not let the laptop sit to air dry. Do not bury it in rice. The best thing to do is immediately contact the school to set up an exchange. Time is crucial in saving a laptop damaged by liquid.***

Shut down the laptop when you are done for the day. Power it on in the morning. Restarting the laptop each day helps clear out strange problems.

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