Calendar Changes for 9/17–9/21

There are some changes to next week’s schedule that we would like to bring to your attention.

Picture Make-Ups

Monday, September 17th will be a picture make-up day. Students who were unable to get their school picture or ID card at Registration should participate in the make-up day. This is not a retake day. Students who are unhappy with their school portrait will have an opportunity to get a retake on October 8. Starting Tuesday, students will be required to show their student ID card when they are not in class. Students who have a free period must get a free-period sticker for their ID card from the front office. 9th- through 11th-grade students who need an ID card will be excused from class by grade and last name.

12th-Grade students who need an ID card should use the time before school, at lunch, or during a free period to get their make-up picture.

1st Period—9th Grade
8:30 A–F
8:48 G–L
9:06 M–R
9:24 S–Z

2nd Period—10th Grade
9:47 A–F
10:05 G–L
10:23 M–R
10:41 S–Z

3rd Period—11th Grade
11:09 A–F (or after announcements)
11:27 G–L
11:45 M–R
12:03 S–Z

Welcome Assembly Rescheduled

The Welcome Assembly has been rescheduled to Tuesday, September 18th. There will be no assembly on Friday, September 21.

Fire Drill

A fire drill has been scheduled for Wednesday, September 19th, near the beginning of 1st period, at 8:40 a.m.

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