Athletic Registration and Eligibility

Register for athletics online with FamilyID

Families who have used FamilyID in previous years do not need to create a new account. Your student athlete’s information will be retained from your previous FamilyID registration. For help with your login information, look for the “Forgot password?” link, or the support link on the login page. 

Eligibility Requirements

1. Complete the online registration.

You will need the following information:

  1. contact information for the student, parent/guardian, and emergency contact
  2. student’s medical insurance policy information (student accident insurance is available to purchase at
  3. student’s medications and medical history

2. Submit the student’s most recent OSAA physical examination form (español)

Physicals are valid for 2 years from the date of the medical appointment and must be valid through the end of the sports season.

Sports physicals must be submitted to the front office. No electronic copies will be accepted. 

  1. Most family physicians provide low-cost sports physicals to established patients. Contact your doctor’s office to find out what they offer and schedule your appointment.
  2. The School-Based Health Center at Churchill offers a sports physical as part of a complete child wellness exam. The Health Center accepts insurance and offers need-based financial assistance. Call for pricing and scheduling.

Submit any additional eligibility forms that apply to the student-athlete. All forms are available on the OSAA website.

3. Pass the Academic Requirements for Athletes.

4. Pay fees.

View our Seasonal Sports Fees

Apply for Free and Reduced Fees

  1. Pay online with SchoolPay, or
  2. Pay in the Finance Office with cash, check, or card. Mailed checks must indicate the athlete(s)’s name(s) and sport(s) on the memo line. Do not mail cash or card information. Mail checks to:
    Churchill High School
    1850 Bailey Hill Road
    Eugene, Oregon 97405


OSAA Forms

Physical Examination – English
Physical Examination – Spanish

All OSAA Forms

Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Application

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